I’m sitting at my desk on Monday morning, the day AFTER. You know–the day after the BIG day. The day after EASTER!  Some of you were there, some of you saw it, some of you helped make it happen.  I don’t mean Easter, I mean the production our church put on to celebrate it, by having a combined gathering of our whole church under one roof on Easter Sunday instead of our typical four services. Over a thousand showed up in that one place, and it was a stellar event by all measurements! The music was glorious and inspirational and the fellowship exuberant; even the sermon was not all that bad. It was everything you’d expect for an Easter Sunday morning and so much more! And I’m tired today, along with every other Christian pastor in the world this “day after”. I could use a little resurrection. I need some more Easter!!

We sang a song yesterday that is famous in America, and perhaps even overseas in places.  It was written by Bill Gaither, and might just be one of his most famous compositions: “Because He Lives”.  The song is a sermon.  We sang it and even though we don’t sing it that often at our church, I know the words by heart:

            Because He lives, I can face tomorrow

            Because He lives, all fear is gone.

            Because I know who holds the future,

            Now life is worth the living, just because HE lives!

Now that’s an Easter song! And that really is the message of Easter, isn’t it? Everything in our lives, everything in our marriages, our ministries, our relationships, our work, our daily battles to survive and walk faithfully as believers—it’s all different, all possible and given purpose, all enabled and  changed to the core by one fact: BECAUSE HE LIVES!! 

We sing it so well on Easter Sunday, along with our other favorites: “Up From the Grave He Arose!” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”—but I wonder sometimes if we remember it on Monday? The Resurrection changed everything for the first followers of Jesus, and it seems to have colored their every day for the rest of their lives. It gave them the courage to lead boldly and believe boldly and even die boldly. We know their stories!  But what about yours and mine?  Does the fact that HE lives make a difference today and tomorrow?  I hope so!

As you move forward in life and ministry, I hope you will not leave behind the power of Easter and the empty tomb. I hope as you run into fears and obstacles, giants and battles and all the other glorious disasters that make life tough and serving Christ more about the nails than about the glories—I hope you’ll stop often and remember: The CROSS IS EMPTY! The TOMB IS EMPTY! And life is worth the living, even on the “Mondays after”—just because HE lives!!